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  •  Automatic Protein Skimmer Model Model EVO 7000Z1 Image
  • OTTOMEDIC "PROTEIN SKIMMER" With Integrated Hands Free Automatic Internal Water Level Control System (The Only One of It's Kind) U.S. Patent 9078419
  • "OTTOMEDIC" PROTEIN SKIMMER Always Performing at 100% Efficiency In A Constantly Changing Environment.
  • "OTTOMEDIC" PROTEIN SKIMMER Internal Water Level Always Exactly Where You Want It (Regardless of Changing Aquarium & Sump Tank Conditions) While Operating Between 1 Inch & 10- 1/2  Inches of Water.
  • OTTOMEDIC Is Unaffected By Power Outage; Goes Into State of Suspended Animation Meaning No Change In Internal Water Level During Power Outage.
  • Self Contained (Closed Loop) Air Circulation Prevents Smoke, Fumes, Cleaners, Dust, Dander, Perfumes & Other Airborne Contamination From Entering Aquarium.
  • "OTTOMEDIC" PROTEIN SKIMMERS Also Eliminate The Humidity Problem That (Non-Closed Loop System) Brands Generate In Your Home.
  • OTTOMEDIC With Its Closed Loop Air Circulation Is Extremely Quiet As There Are No Air Sucking Or Hissing Sounds Exiting or Entering Skimmer.
  • No Water Flow Restricting Gate or Other Type Valves, or Power Controller Reductions to Pump That Significantly & Drastically Reduce Water Flow of Pump.
  • OTTOMEDIC Uses Siphon Technology Immensely Increasing Water Flow Because the Pump Works In Unison With The Siphon Technology (That Literally Pulls the Water Through The Skimmer) Unlike Most If Not All Other Brands Where the Pump Has to Do All The Work Filling The Skimmer To the Point Were It Collects Skimate.
  • A Drain Hole in Collection Container Can Be Added For A Fee For Those Who Have Specialized External Collection Systems With Auto Shutoff Switch. This Option May Defeat Suspended Animation Feature Above (Depending On You're System) However Skimmer Does Return Back To Normal Operation Following Power Outage.
  • Silicon O-Rings Make It Easy To Disassemble & Re-Assemble Parts.
  • "OTTOMEDIC" PROTEIN SKIMMER Model EVO 7000Z1 Operates In ANY Water Level Between 1 Inch & 10- 1/2 Inches Efficiently And Flawlessly.
  • Slide The Float Up For A Smaller Bio Load Or Down For A Higher Bio Load Of Your Aquarium. This Allows The Rate Of Skimate Collection To Be Custom To Your Tanks Specific Needs. There Is Even An Included Extension For Even Larger Aquariums With Large Bio Loads.
  • Simply Remove Collection Container Without Having To Turn Off Power By First Removing Silicon Tube Connection To Collection Container Intake Tube.
  • As Algae Grows In OTTOMEDIC EVO 7000Z1 Water Pipes The Integrated Automatic Control System Compensates For The Increased Water  Flow Resistance. 
  • OTTOMEDIC PROTEIN SKIMMER Model EVO 7000Z1 Is Designed To Easily Disassemble For Routine Cleaning as Desired and Re-Assembled.
  • Filter Pad Adds An Additional Means of Filtration Removing Larger Floating Particles Out Of Aquarium Water Other Skimmers Don't.
  • Filter Pad Eliminates Micro Air Bubbles From Escaping Out Of The OTTOMDEIC Model EVO 7000Z1 Protein Skimmer.
  • The "OTTOMEDIC" PROTEIN SKIMMER Model EVO 7000Z1 Pump Is Always Moving Maximum Amount of Water Flow Using Full Outlet 120V AC Voltage In Unison With Its Designed Siphon System.
  • With The "OTTOMEDIC" Model EVO 7000Z1 You Will Never Have To Unplug You're Protein Skimmer In Order To Empty The Collection Container Again.
  • With The Close-Loop Air Circulation Of The OTTOMEDIC EVO 7000Z1 You Won't Smell The Sewage Inside Your Protein Skimmer Inside Your Home.
  • With The Close-Loop Air Circulation Of The OTTOMEDIC EVO 7000Z1 You Won't Contaminate Your Aquarium If Unexpected Smoke Ends Up In The Room.
  • With The "OTTOMEDIC" EVO 7000Z1 You Won't Have To Worry About Your Protein Skimmer If The Power Goes Out While Your at Work Or Vacation.
  • With The "OTTOMEDIC" Model EVO 7000Z1 You Will Never Have To Adjust The Internal Water Level Of Your Protein Skimmer Again.
  • With The "OTTOMEDIC" EVO 7000Z1 All You Have To Do Is Pre-Set The Bio Load To Low, Medium Or High, Place It In The Sump Tank Between 1 Inch & 10- 1/2 Inches Of Water, Hold Down The Lid (Only On The First Immersion) To Prime The Air Out Of The Siphon Tubes, Release The Lid Pressure And You're New Skimmer Will Be Collecting Skimate Within A Few Hours Then FORGET ABOUT IT!
  • The "OTTOMEDIC" PROTEIN SKIMMER Model EVO 7000Z1 Is Designed To Fit Inside Most Aquarium Cabinets With Its Overall Height of 23 Inches & With A
  •   24- 1/2 Inch Clearance Required to Remove Collection Container To Periodically Empty Out Collected Skimate Waste. Measure From Inside Bottom of Sump Tank to Inside Cabinet Ceiling For 24.5" Clearance Before You Order Your New EVO 7000Z1 Protein Skimmer.
  • With The "OTTOMEDIC" PROTEIN SKIMMER Model EVO 7000Z1 You Receive Peace Of Mind And Simplicity. You Can't Put A Price On That.

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  • Most If Not All Other Brands Draw The Air Source Into The Pump (To Create The Bubbles) From The Room Air Bringing Contamination That's In The Rooms Air, Whether Its Perfume, Cooking Oil, Smoke From Cooking, Air Born Cleaners Such As Windex, Furniture Cleaners or Aerosol Air Fresheners, Community Forest Fire Smoke, or Cigarette Smoke; It All Ends Up Into Your Aquarium Water Through The Vast Majority If Not All Other Brand Protein Skimmers.
  • Why Would You Use a Bigger Water Pump Only To Restrict the Water Flow With a Valve, or Reduce the Power to It (as a Means of Adjusting Internal Water Level) if you Don't Have Too, Right? That Defeats The Purpose of Using A Bigger Water Pump In The First Place.
  • OTTOMEDIC In Some Cases Has A Greater Water Flow Than Other Designs With Bigger Pumps Because it Has No Flow Restricting Valves or Power Reducing Controllers.
  • Controllers Are Expensive And Can Only Reduce Current Down From Outlet Voltage And Only Work With DC Current Pumps. Have You Priced The Cost To Replace a DC Pump Before? These Are What Our Biggest Competitors Came Up With To Modulate Internal Water Level In Their Protein Skimmers.
  • The Problem With These Type Designs Are The Conditions are Always Continually Changing While The Settings Remain The Same.

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